Translating a document may seem like a fairly easy task.  With all the portable electronic translating devices and a plethora of word translators on the Internet, one may think it is a "do it yourself" job, disregarding the need to hire an experienced translator. However, it is important to understand that literal or "word for word" translation rarely, if ever, conveys the sense of the original text. This type of translation is the cause of frequent mistranslated words and phrases, sometimes rendering the text grammatically unintelligible.

Consider the phrase "You are pulling my leg".  Literally translated into Spanish it would be "Estás jalando mi pierna" or "Me estás jalando la pierna"  which are grammatically correct, but do not convey the right meaning of the phrase. "Me estás tomando el pelo" or "Me estás viendo la cara" would better translate the idiom's sense. There may be many options to choose from. The choice may often depend on the translator's background, his/her preference or the target public. 

At GB Translations, we don't only translate words and phrases, we translate ideas within a specific context.  We apply all the skills, knowledge and technology available to check our translations thoroughly and continuously. We assure correctness and accuracy, respecting semantics, literary style and grammar rules in each language.

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