Interested in learning a new language?  

Speaking a second and/or a third language can give you many advantages while traveling, looking for a new job or applying for a promotion or a salary increase.  Don't miss the fun! Valuable information is sometimes lost in translation. Experience first hand the beauty of understanding and being able to communicate in another language.

Whether you are a business person looking to close a deal with a foreign partner or the adventurous kind planning to go backpacking to different countries, knowledge of a foreign language can be your best ally and travel companion. Whatever your language needs are, we can help you learn the basics, acquire new knowledge and abilities or improve the skills and knowledge you already posses.

GB-Translations offers flexible schedules, personal and tailored tutoring at a beginner, intermediate and advanced levels. We offer professional tutoring to meet specific needs such as useful word and phrase lists for travelling, phonetics and pronunciation, vocabulary builder, grammar rules, fluency, conversation, etc.

Let us help the foreign language seed grow and bloom inside of you!